Pre-planning Funeral Card

Pre-Planning Response Cards
A smart addition to any calendar program involving funeral homes especially with religious calendars, is our Pre-Planning Funeral Response card. The cards may be ordered with any #800-Series Calendar and delivered, along with the calendar, to the recipient. The customer can fill out their card and return it to the funeral home to discuss pre-planning.

• Size: 10-7/8 " x 7-7/8 "
• Minimum 300
• Use with any 10-7/8 " x 10 " #800-Series HotLine® calendar (closed size)
• Black imprint (optional)

Pricing and Options:
(Add card pricing  to standard catalog  price of #800-Series HotLine® calendars)
• Bulk: Unimprinted/packed bulk: 8¢ (G); Imprinted/packed bulk: 23¢ (G)
• Inserted in Calendar Loose: Unimprinted: 14¢ (G); Imprinted: 29¢ (G)
• Spiraled to Calendar Back: Unimprinted: 23¢ (G); Imprinted: 38¢ (G)
• Inserted Loose Behind Calendar into Envelope (includes blank envelope): Unimprinted: 31¢ (G); Imprinted: 46¢ (G)