Religious & Inspirational

#851 – Journey of Faith - Universal

Beautifully illustrated religious scenes based on the life of Jesus and his Disciples, his teachings, and parables with accompanying Bible verse for each picture. Additional verses from the Bible on each day.

#852 – Jornada de Fe

Beautifully painted religious scenes in a Catholic version with a bilingual pad in English/Spanish. The calendar pad includes Catholic Holy Days, events, and daily vestment colors on the pad in English/Spanish. Accompanying Bible verse for each picture

#815 – Art of the Holy Land - Universal

In the 1830s, Scottish artist David Roberts spent months creating these historically accurate lithographs of the Holy Lands. Each is a Bible story unto itself and includes a descriptive verse.

(Uses King James Version)

#816 – Art of the Holy Land - Catholic

This calendar is not only a work of art but also a handy reference. Church symbols, along with the laws and fasting days, are included on this beautiful calendar of David Roberts’ Holy Land scenes.

(Uses The New American Bible)